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Your Boutique Roaster

Chronicle Coffee Roasters – Your Boutique Coffee Roaster.

Some people ask who is Chronicle? Why don’t we see Chronicle branded café’s? Great questions…

Our Boutique roaster really belongs to the community we live in. This is where we create our blends and profiles to fit custom tastes and desires. Our partners are a part of our roasting experience. At Chronicle, they can be inspired to take passion, quality, and craftsmanship to the last step. From the farm to the cup.

Chronicle has been built on relationships. We are always eager to meet and collaborate with people who share our passion and enthusiasm for coffee. If you choose to partner with us, you’ll have access to our team of experienced coffee professionals. Chronicle is passionate about taking your business to a new level. With our team, we can help with bar design, menu development, premium equipment, professional barista training and marketing.

Why Don’t we have our own branded Café’s?

Chronicle unlike many other roasters do not believe competing with out partners. Chronicle owns no café’s or operates no café’s. The reason for this is we put out partners interest first. While we specialize in roasting we let you specialize in selling our coffee through our café. This gives us more time to develop premium coffee’s without running our own Cafes. Also as well you wont even need to worry about a chronicle café competing with you.