The Roaster

The Roaster

At Chronicle we invest time in sourcing the perfect green bean which translates into a coffee concept like no other. While offering a wide range of taste and body profiles, we understand the diverse needs and wants of a coffee connoisseur.

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with farmers in coffee producing countries, however we understand the need to create relationships with our suppliers of fine equipment.

Sourcing quality, Fairtrade, and organic beans does not always mean the quality gets translated into the cup. That is why we understand the needs of a roaster that accompanies the quality of our bean. Chronicle Coffee roasts on a small 25kg & 2.5kg Roaster which maintains the unparalleled attention to the details of your order and amazing quality control.

While roasting on our custom built 25 KG & 2.5 KG Coffee roaster. We know that we have control of the quality from the bean to the cup.

Our equipment can help clients with wholesale needs as well. From Café to wholesale resellers. We can be your roaster of choice.

Book a time to visit your roaster. Let us pick you up in one of our corporate classics.