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Espresso vs Drip

“What’s the difference between espresso coffee and a drip roast? Does it really matter?”

We hear this question often, and it’s often disputed.

At Chronicle Coffee, we source some of the world’s finest coffee offerings. From smallholders around the globe we believe in the importance of relationships that give back and produce a bean like no other. Sourcing and having a close relationship with our farmers we know we are getting the best bean which brings out the best flavours. Then we roast specifically depending on that final use.

So, bringing home the perfect roast for both your taste and brewing method of choice is key to making the perfect cup of coffee.

We’ve outlined the differences between two types of brewing methods, espresso machine vs. drip brew, and roasts, espresso roast vs. filter roast, finally answering one of our most frequently asked questions.

The difference?

Espresso Roast:

Roasted slightly hotter and for a longer period.

The increased solubility helps the extraction to push past sourness (under-extraction) into properly extracted coffee which tastes much sweeter and balanced

Can be brewed as an espresso or filter coffee. The espresso roasts are great for people looking for more body and less acidity in their regular coffee.

Espresso roasts are often a blend, this to create a perfect balanced taste.

Espresso uses over 125psi to force water through fine coffee grinds.

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Filter Roast:

Roasted to a lower final temperature and for a shorter period.

Presents a clearer picture of a coffee’s taste as there is far less intense process. The coffee is not often extracted through pressure like an espresso.

Creates a sweeter cup of coffee.

Can be brewed in a drip machine, French press, Chemex, V60 etc. Often not recommended for use in an espresso machine (filter roast pulled on an espresso machine can result in a very sour cup due to the differences in intensity)

Regular Drip Coffee Espresso
Brewing Time 3 – 5 minutes 18 – 25 seconds
Taste Style Regular, balanced Concentrated, Intense, Creamy
Which Roast Type to use? Can be used as an espresso, however best used as a drip as often can be single origin. Just espresso roasts