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Brewing Coffee At Home : V60

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 While the staggering amount of options you’re presented to brew coffee with  may at first seem overwhelming, many of the same principles and techniques apply regardless of how you are preparing it! Learning how to use each and every device will definitely earn you some brownie points between your friends and family, but starting off with one or two tried-and-true methods will allow you to both practice and familiarize yourself to a point where you are truly ready to show off those barista skills.

The pour-over method is a general term used to describe any type of brewing method that, just like the name implies, involves pouring heated water over ground coffee. However, unlike something like your standard filter or drip coffee that uses a basket to drip into a large vessel or reservoir using an automatic machine, the pour-over method is much more involved and manual. The Hario V60, which is an affordable and timeless piece of equipment, is an amazing tool that you can use to truly bring the most out of your specialty coffee.

The Hario V60 is a classic pour-over method that is almost synonymous with specialty coffee. It’s used in cafes around the world, and for good reason too! It is both high in quality and affordable in price, a combination that results in experts and beginners alike to utilize it on a regular basis. It is produced by Hario, an industry-leading Japanese manufacturer and producer of many of the coffee-related equipment we see in our homes, cafes, and coffee equipment stores. The name V60 comes from the 60 degree angle of the “cone” – the top of the two piece set that consists the V60, although the name is often related specifically to the cone itself, as the vessel underneath can be interchanged at will. It is also available in two sizes: the aptly named “01” and “02”. The V60 – 01 is the smaller of the two, and is more rarely used as most people do like to have the option of brewing more if the need arises. The V60 – 02 is the most often used variation of it, however it is completely up to you and how much coffee you make regularly! Always make sure to purchase the correct filters though – the number will always be in the top corner to avoid any confusion.

Using the proper equipment is an essential part in being able to bring out all those tasting notes in your specialty coffee when doing a pour-over. A scale with a timer and a gooseneck kettle are important aspects in using your V60 correctly. In order to properly track how fast or slow your extraction is – which directly affects the resulting balance of acidity and bitterness respectively – is only possible when having an easily visible timer as you brew your coffee. A gooseneck kettle has an extended and curved neck, hence the name, that narrows and slows the pour of the water out so that it agitates the coffee less when the water hits it. 

Once you have your V60, your filters, your kettle (gooseneck if possible), and a scale with a timer, you’re ready to go! 

Here is our Hario V60 Method:

Coffee30g (medium-fine grind)
Water450g (195F-205F)
Brew TimeWithin 3 minutes

1.    Before you put the ground coffee in the V60, place the filter in the funnel, pre wet the filter with some boiling water and let it pour into your brewing vessel (pot, mug, etc.) to warm it up. Don’t forget to discard the excess water before the next step!

2.    Pour the pre measured amount of coffee grounds into the filter.

3.    Place your V60 set-up on the scale and zero it.

4.    Pre wet coffee grounds with hot water until it is all evenly saturated. This is also the moment (once water touches coffee grounds) for you to start your stopwatch to keep track of the extraction time.

5.    Blooming stage! Let the coffee grounds sit in the filter, saturated with hot water, for 45-60s.

6.    Brewing time! Pour hot water in a circular motion around the funnel until you hit your target weight of 450g.

7.    Wait until all the water passes through the filter and enjoy a cup of coffee made with your own hands!

If you are more of a visual learner, check out this link on our channel:

Happy brewing from everyone at Chronicle Coffee Roasters!

Seth & Anna

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