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Achieving Cafe-Level Comfort from your Home

Calgary Coffee Roaster

 Coffee is a magical thing that has brought us together since the first coffee houses in Europe, and that sense of community that it both encompasses and encourages is still more than present in many of today’s cultures around the world.

 However, while enjoying that fresh cup of coffee with your friends and family is a joy like no other, sometimes we may want to have it from the comfort of our own home. After all, what’s more cozy than your own space?

We all know how complex the coffee brewing process may be, but the equipment used by cafes has been chosen for its efficiency and comfort. If they can make fifty cups of coffee in an hour, you and I can make one too! And the best part about all the different coffee brewing methods is that your basic set, like a scale, a grinder and a kettle, is interchangeable!

Let’s take a pour-over method, for example; there are a couple essential pieces, such as the basic set and the specific equipment for your brewing method (for example, a Chemex and Chemex filters). The scale is essential for maintaining your wanted coffee-to-water ratio, which will affect the time and the level of extraction of your coffee. But these factors can also be largely affected by the finesse of your ground coffee, which is why we need the help of our grinder. There are many budget-friendly, but quality home conical-burr grinders on the market that will give you the opportunity to play with the grind adjustment of your beans and give you an incredibly delicious cup of coffee time after time. And last, but not least, your gooseneck kettle will assure steady and smooth flow of water that will give you more control over the extraction than any standard kettle.

We know how complicated the coffee brewing method might seem at first glance, but it doesn’t have to be! Home brewing equipment helps you achieve that cafe-level comfort with ease. We are always excited to share our experience and knowledge, so if you’d like to know more about our recipes and brewing methods at our Sensory Lab, click here!

Thanks and happy brewing from everyone at Chronicle Coffee Roasters!

Seth and Anya:)

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