We put our efforts into building a consistent, reliable supply
of great tasting coffee beans from our farming partners
from around the world. However, this is just the start
of an important journey. Roasting small batches
allows us to care for our beans with love.



Where it Begins

The bean journey starts with our two-point-five kilogram roaster, then as we work to create the perfect profile we move into our twenty-five-kilogram roaster to dial in exactly. Focusing what brings out the best in third wave coffee, shorter development periods leading to a bright and beautiful coffee.

Chronicle is always specialty coffee! 

Post blending, there are no short cuts on the road to creating a matchless flavour. Our small batch roaster focuses greatly on micro-lots, using an artisan approach. We create specialty blends and single origin offerings, with flavour at the forefront. We are intent on always pursuing perfection!

Our twenty-five-kilogram roasting process is designed to create and enhance the aroma. We bring flavour and the unique personality of each bean offering to life. It is because we understand the complexities of specialty coffee.

There is no shortcut in creating a Chronicle Coffee.