A journey has started…

Chronicle Coffee Roasters has understood coffee as the new wine. We travelled to new destinations to create responsible and sustainable relationships to know we can be truly proud of our coffee. Committed to small batch roasting, our boutique twenty-five-kilogram roaster ensures we can monitor and bring the best in every bean. There is no shortcut to creating the perfect balance, embracing post roast blending and 86-plus (Q-Graded) specialty coffees.

We embrace direct trade as well as sourcing sustainable coffee has been the foundation of our partnerships. At Chronicle Coffee Roasters we support charities in Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Colombia. We have partnered to give back to support women’s health, feeding farmers, education and increasing coffee farmers accessibility to much needed supplies. Offering the most ethical and sustainable coffee.

Working with our partners from Los Angeles to Calgary, Vancouver to Toronto, Edmonton to New York, Montreal to Phoenix our exceptional coffee is given its rightful moment to shine.

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Calgary, Canada | Los Angeles, USA